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France, the Loire valley and the beaches at Normandy a 1995 trip.
Antarctica, January, 1999
Svalbard, July 2000
Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge mtns.
Lincoln Memorial University  The Philip E. Birman (Paul's uncle) collection of Lincoln memorabilia.
Family histories and genealogy
Birman history
Ansell family
Mr. Edwin Van D'Elden,
Rosemarie's recollections of
Nazi Germany
1942 letter about exchange trip to USA
Amateur Radio Field Day, 2001
Some pictures of our "fleet" of boats
Our annual year-end letter 2004
Our annual year-end letter 2005
Our annual year-end letter 2006
Our annual year-end letter 2007
Our annual year-end letter 2008
attack on the WTC.
The 2002 Air-Sea show
Pictures of our new dinghy
Family photos

Family photos page two
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Family photos 2008
An expedition to Honduras, Belize and Guatemala April-May 2003
We Must Never Forget 9-11
our trip to Germany May, 2004
Tall Ships visit Greenport  July 2004
Alaska Expedition Aug 28-Sept 8, 2004
Pictures from Jake's Bar Mitzvah
Pictures from Jackie's Bat Mitzvah
An essay on energy independence
Zach and Lena's B'nai Mitzvah
Paul's 70th birthday Aug 2005
South Pacific Expedition, Spring 2006
Rosemarie on the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht

We are Paul and Rosemarie Birman.  You can contact us through the mail link below or directly at: paul@pbirman.com.  We like to travel and have documented some of our recent trips on this site.  The links are on the left. Enjoy!  We've posted material about our family history and genealogy .  Please use this link to navigate there.  We've also posted some family pictures.  More pictures, 2008

Having worked for more than four decades in the New York City area, we are now both retired.  We spend the summer months at the eastern end of Long Island at Cedar Beach on the North Fork.  It is a beautiful rural area now much given to vineyards, wineries and marinas.  In the 28 years we've lived there we have seen the area develop a substantial tourist business centered around the village of Greenport.

The links above will take your browser to a couple of delightful sites devoted to this area, highlighting the artists, shops, restaurants and inns which comprise this unique place just 100 miles from the bustle of Manhattan. 

Our winters are spent in Ft. Lauderdale FL where we've owned an apartment for 20 years.  We are on the barrier island, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, facing the famous Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.  The ocean beaches are two blocks east.  Ft. Lauderdale has been described as a miniature New York City, only cleaner.  It has many of the features of a big city (opera, concerts, theater, restaurants, cafes, shops, museums, galleries etc.) but in a more human-sized scale.

We're right about here
In this aerial view of Ft. Lauderdale Beach

This is the Intracoastal Waterway.  The Atlantic Ocean is on the far right.  The view is looking north from the Port Everglades area.

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Check out some neat web sites that we enjoy

This panoramic view of our Long Island waterfront was taken by Naoma Dorety, when she visited in June 2004.  Her camera "stitched together" three separate digital images to produce the single picture.  On the right are the pilings for our dock.  In the center is the opening of our creek into Peconic Bay.  In the far distance is the South Fork of Long Island (The Hamptons).  On the left are our neighbor's docks.

Our North Fork boasts a rural aspect with many fruit and vegetable farms and a large number of vineyards and wineries.  Boating and fishing are staples of the local scene.

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01-05 Posted an essay on geothermal energy
Posted the log and pictures from South Pacific expedition
Posted our 2006 year-end letter
Cousins Leonard and Enid
03-07 Rosemarie recently discovered
1942 letter about exchange trip to USA
New Family photos 2008
11-08 posted Rosemarie's memories of Kristallnacht

Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson (December 22, 1912 - July 11, 2007) was the First Lady of the United States from November 1963 to January 1969. We traveled together several times in the 80s on expeditions to Galapagos and Baja.

We'd love to hear from you.  To send us e-mail use either paul@pbirman.com or rosie@pbirman.com

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* We understand the fascination with the Birman breed of cat, but that is not what this site is about.
If you are looking for information about the Birman breed of felines, this is a good place to start: www.birman.net

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