Rosemarie Birman

Rosemarie Birman

Rosemarie is a retired data processing consultant who ran her own data processing company from 1972 until 1992. She got her computer training at Univac in the sixties where she became a Senior Systems Analyst. Rosemarie's computer experience ranges from writing programs on wire boards, punch cards and, finally via terminals to IBM mainframes. Her speciality was business programs, payroll, manufacturing systems, inventory control, etc., written in COBOL, Assembler and RPG.

Born Rosemarie Van D'Elden, in Frankfurt, Germany, to American parents (Her dad was Secretary of the American Chamber of Commerce). She came to New York when America entered the European war and there was an exchange of citizens. Educated at Siena Heights College (now University) in Adrian MI, Rosemarie enjoys travel. She's hitchiked across Europe, climbed the Gornergrät in Switzerland, voyaged around the world (shipwrecked in Singapore) and loves to participate in expedition travel.

She and husband, Paul, have traveled to the Galapagos Islands and Whale Watched in the Sea of Cortez and recently traveled to both Antarctica.and the High Arctic (Svalbard). The journals of those trips are on this site. In 2006 She and Paul crossed the South Pacific aboard the National Geographic Endeavour from Easter Island to Pitcairn to Tahiti and beyond. Besides expedition travel, Rosemarie and Paul have travelled together to Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America and have cruised the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, and especially enjoy the Indian country in Southwestern United States. An area of great interest is the ancient Maya civilization of the Yucatan.

She and Paul have cruised their own boats extensively on Long Island Sound and, more recently, the Peconic Bays.During the winter months they cruise the waters of South Florida aboard their 36' trawler, the Rosemarie 3.

Links to Rosemarie's father: Edwin Van D'Elden A "Righteous man" bore witness to the Holocaust in Europe and wrote extensively about it. He also spoke publicly to audiences in New York. A small sample is available at this link.

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